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10 reasons to visit Tallinn

Are you looking for a perfect weekend in Europe? For sure you wish for all-in-one: affordable prices, plenty of things to do during both day and night, as well as decent food and drinks. Tallinn is a perfect place able to meet all these requests and much more. There are at least 10 reasons why you should put this city on your travel list.

1. Tallinn's Old Town is the most beautiful in Europe

Tallinn's Old Town is not big at all, but you will never feel bored here. It is a pure pleasure to walk among massive towers reminding of the romance of the knights and ladies, magnificent Medieval churches and glorious old houses. Everything in Tallinn has this Medieval harmony that you tend to forget that you are in a capital of a modern country, but not at the film set.

2. Baltic Sea offers mesmerizing sunsets

There is no better sunset that the one you may enjoy at the seaside. Tallinn is absolutely unique as it is one of a few world capitals located right at the seaside, so you may enjoy the amazing views every single day. If you visit in summer though, you will have to wait long, because of the famous white nights keeping the sky lit more than 20 hours a day.

3. Tallinn has plenty of modern trendy areas

Tallinn is not all about Medieval castles and walls, but there is plenty of trendy areas full of local design shops, cosy cafes and modern-looking buildings. Pay a visit to Rottermann quarter or Kalamaja district to feel the ambiance of modern Estonia.

4. You may feel like a submarine sailor

Estonian Maritime Museum (Lennusadam) is a must-see, it respresents the best of new Estonian technologies as it is modern, interactive and offers loads of fun to both adults and kids (such as paper planes throwing or a fight of radio-controlled ships). Submarine EML Lembit is one of the main points of interest in the museum. It survived the II World War and is now accessible to visitors.

5. Tallinn's nature is amazingly beautiful

Both city and its suburbs are surrounded by beautiful nature. Take a stroll along Pirita promenade or go the beach of the same name, visit the magnificent Kadriorg palace and its fantastic gardens. Just a few miles away from city you may find waterfalls, bogs or gorgeous manors.

6. Tallinn offers a vivid nightlife

Tallinn is famous for its vibrant night life, so if you happen to be here on summer weekend, don't miss an opportunity to party in the Old Town. Many bars, restaurants and clubs are located next to each other and people just stroll between them during late evening and night.

7. Prices in Tallinn are very affordable

Although Tallinn is part of the Euro zone, prices here are much lower than in most European countries. Estonia has all benefits of Scandinavian countries, but the amount of money you would spend here differs dramatically to the lowest range (just try to compare prices with Helsinki and you will know what we are talking about).

8. Tallinn offers plenty of nice food experiences

Tallinn is a place where you must enjoy food and drink. Due to country's location at the sea shore, restaurants offer a variety of seafood and fish, cod and sprat being the most popular. Here is plenty of affordable stylish restaurants offering modern Scandinavian cuisine as well as some fine dining places.

9. Tallinn is a very romantic place

What can be more romantic than the stormy sea and gigantic cruise ships fighting the waves? You may not only contemplate the ships arriving to Tallinn's main port, but can also take a trip to one of Estonian islands or continue your Scandinavian journey by ferry and head to Helsinki or Stockholm.

10. Tallinn and it suburbs has many cosy spa hotels

If you are looking for relaxation for both mind and body, visit one of Estonia's many spa hotels. You may experience nice service and relaxing treatment both in Tallinn and around, including the famous spa resorts on island of Saaremaa.

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