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5 reasons to love and hate Moscow

Moscow is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant cities in the world. It is constantly packed with tourists, workers and wanderers from all over the world. Some absolutely adore this city, while others totally hate it. Let's figure out why.


1. Moscow traffic is horrible

Traffic is what Muscovites talk about as often as Londoners talk weather. If a high-ranked official is rushing to the airport, half of the city will be stuck in traffic jam. When the annual asphalt change occurs, one of the central roads - the Sadovoe ring is immobilised, and the Victory Day rehearsal has a common perception as an Apocalypse. Moaning about traffic is a lifestyle, and if you happen to be late to an important meeting due to traffic congestion, you will be easily forgiven.

2. Moscow is overcrowded and most of the people are gloomy

Moscow is crowded indeed, and Muscovites slightly despise those who moved to their city from elsewhere in Russia. They have a fair point though: the more packed the city is, the more you would hate the crowd. This is one reason why people are not that friendly to strangers and visitors say that Muscovites are gloomy. However, as soon as you know locals better, you will feel that they are the most hospitable people ever. If you wish to see Moscow less crowded, go for an early morning stroll on Sunday or visit during first week of January when most Russians travel away from their homes for holidays.

3. Moscow is still not that affordable

Although Russian Rouble made a significant plunge in recent years and Moscow is not anymore among the most expensive destinations, you still have to pay a lot if you are looking for a good quality. It is especially true about hotels, since Moscow still does not offer many decent mid-level accommodation offers, it is either luxury and expensive or too simple and cheap.

4. Moscow likes to show posh

Moscow has an atmosphere of boasting one's wealth. If you go to any night club there will always be a face control, so you may not be let in if you don't look chic enough (though no one knows what are the standards). Any central restaurant is packed with people looking as if they just were out on a fashion week. The more expensive you look, the more respected you are among Muscovites.

5. Moscow has poor climate

Moscow is pretty depressive in terms of climate. If you happen to be here during sunny days you won't understand what we mean, but the period between October and April are mostly grey, dirty and gloomy. Air pollution is another major problem in Moscow.


1. Moscow has anything you can think of

Russians tend to say that Moscow has everything you need except for the sea and mountains. There are plenty of things to do - museums, cathedrals, recreational areas, restaurants, night clubs and so on. You can even do yachting or at least rent a boat in one of Moscow's numerous parks.

2. Moscow historical centre is one of the most beautiful in Europe

Moscow is already 860 years old and even though it was significantly remodelled during Soviet time, its historical centre is still amazing. Take a lazy stroll in the narrow streets of Kitai-Gorod or Zamoskvorechie neighbourhoods to find quaint old buildings and little unknown churches.

3. Moscow has very rich cultural life

There is always something going on in Moscow - numerous theatre festivals, exhibitions, concerts, sports events etc. You can be sure that you will find the best world shows and performers in Moscow whenever you visit.

4. Moscow never sleeps

Almost everything you can think of is open 24 hours in Moscow. Whether you wish to have breakfast at 4 a.m., shop groceries at midnight or go to the gym at dawn, everything is possible. The pace of life in Moscow is so high that you won't have any moment bored.

5. Moscow is just stunningly enormous

Moscow has uniquely enormous dimensions. Wide avenues, majestic buildings of Soviet era, modern skyscrapers are among many other distinct characteristics of Russian capital. Moscow also hosts the tallest building in Europe - the Federation Tower East Tower located in Moscow-City business area (374 m.).

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