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How to avoid travel stress - 10 life hacks

Although travelling is an essential part of our life nowadays, we still think of getting on the road as a potentially stressful and uncomfortable activity. Here are our 10 life hacks which will help you to avoid any stress and ensure that your trip goes smoothly.

1. Carefully plan your trip

The simple truth is that the best journey is the one carefully planned. Of course an individual level of comfort as to how detailed a trip must be differs, but you should consider how important it is for you to have a predictable action plan.

At the same time...

2. Be ready that everything may go wrong

Any plan works well only until force majeure occurs. We cannot be sure that the flight won't be delayed, or the airport services won't go on strike (hello, France!). Besides, the luggage may be lost or an unexpected snowstorm may hit the airport area. Some react emotionally and blame everyone around, including pilots and flight attendants, spreading the panic to other passengers. We advise to keep calm, negative emotions will not help you anyway.

However, ...

3. Have a plan B

It is impossible to have an alternative solution for every single step (and not really necessary), but if the trip is truly important to you, a plan B is a good thing to think of. For example, if you know that you need to make it to your best friend's wedding in another city, try to think in advance what would be the alternative ways to get there in case of force majeure. If it really occurs, at least you will already know whether you should book with another airline or head to the train station.

But anyway...

4. Consider your trip as an adventure

You had a plan to visit several places, but end up stuck in an airport for 24 hours? Take it as a new experience, we are sure you will laugh about it after a decade.

That's why it is so important to...

5. Have a positive attitude

We tend to create the problems ourselves, especially when we worry too much. Remember that your journey starts the moment you lock your door at home, so leave all your fears and worries behind and be open to the adventure about to happen.

By the way, it is also important...

6. To include a time for relaxation in your plan

Even if you are an active traveller eager to change the cities every day, we would recommend not to make your travel plan too tight. First, it is your vacation, so you need to have time to relax. Second, in case of force majeure you may adjust your plan at the expense of the planned gaps.

Don't forget to...

7. Put all your valuables and a phone charger into your carry-on

Luggage is lost more often as we wish, so you have to have a minimum survival kit in your carry-on. Don't forget your documents, cell phone, laptop and chargers. An extra T-shirt might be useful as well, what if you spill a tomato juice while on board?

Many people tend to forget this, but...

8. Take all necessary medicines with you

Trying to buy a medicine in a foreign country might be challenging. Most of the medicines require prescription and it may be difficult to explain what you need in another language. It is better to pack a minimum emergency kit with you, rather than try to explain that you feel sick in a local pharmacy across the globe.

Also you need to...

9. Make sure that your phone is charged

Travelling without a smartphone sounds like a nightmare. All your bookings, offline maps and other useful travel apps are there, let alone the Internet. So a portable charger is a must to avoid travel stress.

And last, but not least...

10. Choose your travel companions carefully

Travelling may become a challenge for a friendship since people have their own interests, which do not necessarily meet the interests of their travel companions. A good friend or colleague may become an awful fellow for your journey and vice versa. Think of it in advance and try to negotiate your travel plans before committing to a trip together.

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