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Mummelsee - the mysterious gem of the Black Forest

There is hardly any other place in Europe where the landscape makes you hold your breath every single moment and the camera click becomes a background sound of the whole journey. One of the most picturesque roads in the world starts in the famous town of Baden-Baden in South Germany and goes through the mysterious Black Forest mountain range. The road 500, or the Schwarzwaldhochstraße, leads you through the mountain villages, hills, steeps and centuries-old forest.

After about 25 min drive from Baden-Baden you will reach the true gem of the whole route - a glacial Mummelsee lake. The place is a subject of many legends, from the mysterious water fairies to a tragic love story of a nun of the then monastery located here.

The scenery around the lake is simply mesmerizing. The lake is almost perfectly round-shaped and is 18 metres deep, although the dark waters make you believe that it is actually botomless. Take a walk around the lake or go uphill to reach a higher viewpoint. Foggy weather occurs often in the area and brings even more enigmatic ambiance.

Mummelsee is stunning all year round, but the winter views are the most fascinating. During summer the lake is busy with tourists taking tours on pedal boats, enjoying cold beers in an outdoor sitting or taking sunbaths at the lake shore. In winter rare tourists come here to ski or hike with snowshoes.

For those wishing to stay in the Shwarzwald area longer Berghotel Mummelsee offers a nice accommodation with the rooms overlooking the lake.

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