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Five panoramic restaurants in Moscow

Moscow is an enormous city and the best way to appreciate its extreme dimensions is to find a restaurant or a bar with a panoramic view. Here are our top 5 places in Moscow offering both amazing panorama of the bustling city and decent food and drink experience.

1. Restaurant Sixty

This restaurant is considered to be the highest in Europe, so you shouldn't miss a chance to visit. It is located on the 62nd floor in one of the Moscow City skyscrapers (the Federation tower). Although it is impossible to book a table by the window, you should anyway book in advance as the restaurant is still very popular among both tourists and locals despite it is not new. The prices are predictably high as they obviously include a fee for the view, but the possibility to admire the city via open windows (opening occurs every hour) definitely worths it.

2. Sky lounge

Having one of the most unusual locations in the city (in the Russian Academy of Science astonishing building topped with the gold construction often referred to by locals as "the golden brain"), Sky lounge is a perfect example of the restaurant where quality of food is not compromised for the sake of the view.

Situated on the 22nd floor, the restaurant main room together with its outside terrace seating in summer offers stunning views of Moscow State University, Sparrow Hills and central Moscow.

3. Karlson

Restaurant Karlson is one of a few located in the Kremlin area and offering a panoramic view of the heart of Moscow. 14th floor is enough to see Moscow's historical centre, especially if the weather is warm and clear and you may enjoy the huge outside terrace of the restaurant. The food is an international mix including seafood and bits of Italian cuisine.

4. Time Out Bar

Moscow is famous for its night clubs, but if you are looking for a bar type of place, the Time Out Bar is a perfect spot for a night out. It is a rooftop bar located at the last floor of Peking Hotel. The outside terrace is rather small though, the chance to find a seat is not that high, but you may hang out at the bar side enjoying cocktail and contemplating the lights of Moscow.

5. City Space

A 360-degrees panoramic lounge bar City Space is located on the 34th floor of the Swisshotel and is one of the oldest of a kind. Prices for the food are as astonishing as the views, so we would recommend to limit your experience to a cocktail.

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