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Where to stay in Moscow close to Luzhniki football Stadium?

As the major football event of 2018 is approaching, it is time to book your accommodation in Moscow in case you are headed to one of the games held in the capital of Russia.

Moscow has plenty of sightseeing spots, so you may stay anywhere in the city centre to have a chance to explore its major attractions. However, if you prefer to stay close to the stadium to be able to get in and out of the game quicker, here are our tips on where to stay around Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.

Khamovniki district

Khamovniki district is a pleasant neighbourhood to stay, with some old architecture to admire and a UNESCO World Heritage site, which is a must-visit - the Novodevichy Convent.

If you are looking for a hotel close to Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, check out the Spektr business hotel located right in front of the Stadium. It it nice and clean and has all necessary amenities. Another option to consider is Hotel Grafskiy. Located in a walking distance from the Stadium, this new hotel offers high level of service, comfortable rooms and is a good value for money. You may also choose the modern Blues Hotel, a comfortable and quiet accommodation a few minutes walk from the Luzhniki Stadium.

Sparrow Hills

The Sparrow Hills is a neighbourhood in Moscow with the best views over the city. You can enjoy the panoramic view of Moscow from the main viewpoint and walk along the alleys of Moscow State University. Although there are not many options to stay around, you may try to book a room at the large Korston Moscow Hotel, offering decent service, comfortable rooms and plenty of restaurants, including a terrace on the 20th floor overlooking the city. Walking to the Luzhniki Stadium takes about 30 minutes.

Dorogomilovo district

Dorogomilovo district was once a village, then a place where various manufactures were located, but in the 20th century became one of the best examples of Soviet influences. The magnificent building of the Radisson Royal Hotel is one of the best examples of the Stalinist Empire architecture style. The hotel is among the best in Moscow, offering superb quality services and plenty of high-end restaurants nearby.

Another Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel is located at the river side opposite the Luzhniki Stadium. If you don't mind a 45 min walk, you may reach the Luzhniki Stadium on foot. For those looking for a more affordable accommodation, Hotel Ibis Moscow Kievskaya is located right behind the Kievskiy train station and offers a good value for money accommodation.

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