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Top 5 Post-Soviet countries you must visit

1. Georgia

Georgia is well-known for its hospitality and tasty food, and these are only a few reasons to visit. There are plenty of interesting places all over the country, including cosy streets of old Tbilisi, a famous wine region Kakheti, mineral resorts of Borgomi or a famous statue of Ali & Nino in Batumi. Georgia offers so many things to do that it is a perfect destination whether you wish to go for a weekend trip or a longer journey.

When to travel to Georgia?

Georgia has an all-year-round season, so the answer depends mostly on the purpose of your trip. You may try Georgian ski slopes between November and March, relax at the seaside during summer and September, whereas the best time for sightseeing is mid-spring or beginning of autumn.

2. Estonia

Estonia is the most European-like of all Post-Soviet counties and one of the fastest developing countries in the EU. You will definitely love it if you are after medieval cities, beautiful nature and seaside. Many heard about Estonia's mesmerizing capital Tallinn, but the country offers much more. You may consider going to Lahemaa National Park or visit one of cosy little towns like Viljandi or Haapsalu or enjoy a relaxing time in spa-hotels on the island of Saaremaa.

When to travel to Estonia?

The best time to visit Estonia is summer (if you come in June, you will experience the famous white nights) and beginning of autumn. You may also consider visiting Tallinn in December for its stunning Christmas market considered one of the most beautiful in Europe.

3. Armenia

Armenia is not a well-known travel destination yet, but this makes it only more attractive for travellers. The country is famous for its stunning nature, including mountains, lakes, waterfalls and hot springs. Go for a trip outside the capital city to explore hidden monasteries and churches in the mountains.

When to travel to Armenia?

The best time to visit Armenia is late spring and autumn, since summer might be too hot and winter has poor weather.

4. Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan must be on any traveller's list since it is a true Central Asian treasure, full of interesting spots to visit. Khiva, a unique ancient city being a UNESCO World Heritage site, Bukhara with its numerous mosques and mausoleums, and Samarkand, where a stunning Shah-i-Zinda necropolis is located, are only a few examples.

When to travel to Uzbekistan?

Summer in Uzbekistan is too hot, but winter is rather cold for comfortable sightseeing, so the best time to visit Uzbekistan is autumn and spring.

5. Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is one of the most mysterious Post-Soviet country. It has a rich history and offers a lot of historical experience (try to visit the ruins of ancient city of Nisa), as well as a glance of a modern country in its capital Ashgabat. Unusual, but still stunning white marble objects praising the majesty of the country and its leader are spread all over the city. You may also enjoy the unique natural phenomena such as burning "door to hell" gas deposit or Kow Ata underground lake.

When to travel to Turkmenistan?

Like in Uzbekistan, Turkmen summer is too hot, so you would be better off planning your trip for spring or autumn.

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